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I am a former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Cybersecurity Architect for a hospital network. When I began working from home in recent years, I thought about how I’d react if I saw one of my other work-from-home teammates suffer a medical emergency on one of our several video calls each week. Realizing I was not well prepared for this situation, I began developing the 911anywhere app.


I lost a loved one in his 40's to sudden cardiac arrest and helped save a loved one in his 50’s after a sudden stroke. It is all too real for me that someone in otherwise excellent health could suddenly—without any warning—be in a medical emergency with minutes to live. If you witness a similar emergency on a video or phone call from a distance, you are not helpless! A few dollars and a few minutes of creating contacts in the app could make a difference in an emergency.


I sincerely hope you never have to use 911anywhere in an emergency. But it will provide some peace of mind that you are prepared to help someone you care about in the most crucial moment of their life. Save a life. Wherever they are.




Michael Lawrie



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