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911anywhere is now available on the App Store. 
For a limited time, download for a one-time fee and have continuous access to search and automatically update emergency dispatch data for your contacts. 


In the United States…

Every 90 seconds, someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest who is not already in a hospital.*

Every 40 seconds, someone suffers a stroke.**

It has become much more likely you could witness a relative or colleague in an emergency while on the phone or on a video app. And you may be the only one able to call for help.

Minutes matter!
Install 911anywhere to directly call an emergency dispatcher closest to your contacts in an emergency.

The 911anywhere app lets you find, save and directly call an emergency dispatcher in a distant jurisdiction. If you become aware of an emergency in another location--whether on a video conference with a colleague, a video chat with a grandparent or any other circumstances, you could be someone's only hope...from hundreds of miles away.

Create contacts in the 911anywhere app for the designated emergency dispatch agencies closest to your friends, family and colleagues. 911anywhere provides the out-of-area emergency dispatch data for U.S locations and uses the same geolocation data most 911 operators would access to transfer a call in an emergency.

Dialing 911 connects the caller to a 911 operator for their own area. For a distant emergency, the caller must report the distant address to the local 911 operator who then must find the proper dispatch agency for the emergency location and transfer the call. Save precious time in an emergency by directly calling the right emergency dispatcher from the 911anywhere app. 

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911anywhere was developed in coordination with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the professional organization for 911 operators and the only non-profit organization solely focused on improving 9-1-1. 911anywhere has been approved by NENA as a licensed subscriber to its database of all approximately 5,700 emergency dispatch centers in the U.S.  

Coming soon to the App Store.


To participate in the beta test, email

911anywhere is for emergency use only when the caller and emergency location are in different 911 Center coverage areas.

To report an emergency at or near your own location, dial 911 by phone.

911anywhere cannot determine the location of a distant emergency. You must provide the emergency’s exact location or address to the emergency dispatch operator. 


If 911anywhere is not working properly in an emergency, dial 911 by phone.


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** Accessed 8/6/22 on: Original source: Tsao CW, Aday AW, Almarzooq ZI, Alonso A, Beaton AZ, Bittencourt MS, et al. Circulation. 2022;145:e153–e639.

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