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911anywhere is for emergency use only when the caller and emergency location are in different 911 Center coverage areas. If in doubt, dial 911 by phone.


To report an emergency at your own location or within the same 911 Center coverage area, dial 911 by phone. If in doubt, dial 911 by phone.


911anywhere cannot determine the location of a distant emergency. You must provide the emergency’s exact address to the emergency dispatch operator. 


If 911anywhere does not work properly in an emergency, dial 911 by phone.


911anywhere is for emergency use only. 911anywhere LLC will assist law enforcement to the fullest extent investigating and prosecuting misuse.


Enter a distant address (voice dictation is supported) and tap "Find Emergency Dispatch" to view the 911 Center or other designated emergency dispatch agency covering that location. 


Tap "Create Contact" to save this data for those with whom you regularly communicate, especially over video, during which you are more likely to become aware of an emergency.


In an emergency…


Tap "Contacts" at the bottom.

Tap the contact having the emergency.

Confirm the victim is at or near the saved address.

Tap "call emergency dispatch."

To place the call, tap your phone’s prompt that appears.


Make every effort to stay connected with the victim. If you cannot add a call, merge calls or use a separate device, it is a higher priority to report the emergency as soon as possible, even if you must disconnect with the victim.


Inform the operator you are calling from a distant location and unable to report the emergency by dialing 911.


Create multiple contacts for someone often in various locations and specify which location (e.g. college dorm) in the contact name. 


Enter full addresses, including office or apartment numbers, when creating contacts. The address entered is saved as is and is displayed in that contact’s details in case you cannot remember the exact address in an emergency. 


Save your own address(es) as a contact in case you become aware of an emergency there while you are out of the area.


Inform your contacts you’ve saved them in your 911anywhere app and encourage them to do the same for you.


You must provide specific location information, i.e. full street address, to the operator. There is no other way for them to locate the victim.

Fast. Accurate. Always.

Dialing 911 on a phone connects you with a 911 operator near you. For an emergency in a distant location, you would need to report the distant address to this operator, after which they would need to research which agency to contact. The methods and speed with which local 911 Centers can handle these situations varies greatly and can waste significant time in an emergency. 911anywhere lets you contact the distant 911 operator or other designated emergency dispatcher immediately and your contact’s address is already displayed to you in the app. Seconds save lives!


Each time the app is opened, all saved emergency dispatch data for contacts will have been validated within recent weeks in case an agency, coverage area or phone number has been changed in the database. Contact data changes are automatically applied in the app and indicated in a popup notification. This happens even if the app has not been updated to the latest version.


911anywhere uses ArcGIS geolocation data and a proprietary database built using publicly available public safety contact and coverage data from sources such as DHS, FCC, agencies’ websites and direct outreach to agencies themselves. The database is continuously validated.


With pre-configured contacts, you do not need a data or internet connection to contact an emergency dispatcher closest to a distant emergency…just phone reception. Contacts’ pre-configured data is local to your phone and the call is made from your phone itself, without any other connections or infrastructure.

Save a life. Wherever they are.

911anywhere is a must for anyone who communicates with friends, family or colleagues in distant locations, especially by video. If you witness someone having a sudden emergency with no one on scene able to call for help, you could be their only hope…from hundreds of miles away. 911anywhere lets you find, save and, if ever necessary, call the 911 Center or designated emergency dispatch agency for U.S. locations. There is no faster way to send emergency services to a distant location.

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