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911anywhere Privacy Statement

The 911anywhere app does not save or backup any user searches or contact information to any external infrastructure. All data is local to the user’s phone and is not accessible by any external entity. 

A phone call initiated from the 911anywhere app will use the phone’s native calling feature and it will appear to the recipient and to the user’s phone service provider as any other call made from the phone. This includes displaying the user’s phone number to the recipient.


The 911anywhere app utilizes two databases. It connects to an ArcGIS geocoding database to offer auto-suggestions as an address is typed in the search field and to obtain the latitude/longitude coordinates for an address. It also accesses the Enhanced PSAP Registry and Census (EPRC) database maintained by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) to obtain relevant PSAP (aka emergency dispatch agency) data for locations. These databases are accessed each time a user searches for an address and also each time the app automatically validates contacts’ emergency dispatch agency data is still accurate. Database queries are attributed to 911anywhere credentials and/or tokens. Basic user data such as source IP address will appear in database queries.

The 911anywhere app is otherwise subject to Apple’s App Store privacy policies. For more information please reference Apple’s LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, found here:

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